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Truly an eyez experience

The revolutionary optical trader which sets to bring the industry to new heights.
Help to elevates the optometric awareness in the society.


2007 marks the birth of Eyez Optometry. Our very first outlet was established in Bangsar Village II, Kuala Lumpur. Over time, coupled with good feedbacks, Eyez Optometry was well known throughout Bangsar.

Today, Eyez Optometry is set to expand its boundary to total 3 outlets, well recognized to locals in Klang Valley for our professional eye care services, wide range of basic and exclusive branded eyewear products and specialty contact lenses.

Eyez Optometry has created its business based on the commitment that every piece of eyewear available in store has to be a perfect fusion of art and science. Eyewear is no longer the trademark of a common nerd. It is now embraced as a fashion statement. Eyez Optometry has been the pioneer in statement eye pieces. The go to place for fashion eyewear that speaks volumes of one’s personal style. It is the first and only eyewear store in Malaysia where every item is a piece of art, and not just a vision correcting aid.

Eyez Optometry is committed to provide professional optometry eye care services, at the same time bringing fresh and innovative approaches when dealing with customers’ needs, thus conveying an individualized experience every time a transaction happens.

With greater vision, Eyez Optometry will be always embarking for new directions to continue to its mission.


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Comprehensive Eye Examination Services – We encouraged and educated every customer to have annual eye examination. Regular eye tests are vital to ensure optimum visual performance and the early detection of eye problems. Eyez Optometry has qualified Optometrists and Opticians who are able to provide eye examinations including visual acuity and refraction, binocular vision (how the eyes work together), ocular diseases screening (intra and extraocular health) and contact lens consultations.

* Vision is life. Love your vision, love your life



We recommend a yearly full eye test including checking the overall eye health for anyone above 40 years old. It is important to pick up any deterioration or changes of the eyes early especially those with family history of eye disease such as Glaucoma. For those having hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol or currently taking any medications will also be at risk of eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, cataract, macular degeneration and so on. 

Our professional optometrists and opticians are able to asses your overall eye health by checking for irregularities on the cornea, lens, eye pressure and also evaluate if there is any alarming changes of the structures at the back of the eyes.

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Children with vision problems face many barriers in life; academically, socially and athletically. Rapid increase of shortsightedness among children is a major concern.

We offer FREE thorough eye test to all schooling children and provide them solutions to help slowdown shortsightedness/myopia by:

a) Orthokeratology therapy(ORTHO-K) – specially designed therapeutic gas permeable contact lenses for overnight wear. It is a non surgical procedure that improves vision by gently reshaping the eyes (cornea) WHILE ASLEEP. After wearing a night of ORTHO-K,  children will be able to regain their clear and natural vision without glasses the following day. 

b) Misight – Myopic control soft contact lenses. A special design contact lenses that helps to control myopia by inhibiting the growth of the eyeball. 

c) Myopia control spectacles lenses.

This is the most non-invasive method. There are many brands that are offering different lens design that can help to prevent myopia by inhibiting the growth of the eyeball.

Life changing decisionI'm not gonna lie once I ordered them and had them in my possession


Color blindness is caused by a change or reduction of the light sensitive cone cells in the eyes. The vast majority of colorblind people can still manage to perceived color but only 1% are able to appreciate color at a normal range. Thus, majorities of color blind people faces color confusion in their everyday life which causes frustrations and reduced quality of life. 

At EYEZ Optometry, we help people with color deficiency by collaborating with EnChroma to understand their current conditions whether is a deutan, protan or tritan and recommend appropriate lenses that helps to improve their color perceptions and reduce color confusion in their everyday life. 

EYEZ Optometry is the ONLY authorized dealer in Malaysia.


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