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Wish to have fun outdoor but worry that UV light exposure will cause harmful effect to the eyes?

Worry not. There are outdoor lenses that helps to protect your eyes from harmful UV light while maintaining a trendy look. There are different types of tinted lens that’s comes with different shades of colour and intensity for different activities.

Besides tinted lens, you can add on mirror coating to enhance your looks even more. Mirror coating also comes in different colour to match with your frames and the looks you want to achieve.

For those who wish to get more comfortable vision on beach or during fishing, there is an additional outdoor lens solution which is the polarized lenses. Polarize lenses helps to cut out additional glare from surface reflections and provide a more comfortable vision.


  1. For everyday use Grey give the most natural shading.

  2. For water activities or to avoid additional glare, Polarized lenses are recommended.

  3. Polarized lenses will not be functional to use with digital devices. As it might appear totally block out the light from digital devices when tilted. Therefore, the screen will appear blackout.

What if you want the best of both worlds?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a two in one solution with clear and sunglass lenses in one pair of lenses?

Photochromic lenses commonly known as transition or photofusion lenses. This type of lenses has a photochromic effect where the lenses stay clear indoor and when expose to UV rays, it will change the lens colour intensity to a darker tone. The colour intensity varies with the amount of UV exposure. Therefore, the photochromatic lenses are able to accommodate to different weather and at the same time provide you comfortable vision and maximize protection for your eyes throughout the day.


  1. For everyday use Grey give the most natural shading.

  2. The colour intensity of the lenses heavily relies on the amount of UV exposure.

  3. It will not turn dark while driving as most car wind shield has UV Blocking function.

  4. Do not overly expose your photochromatic lenses under the hot sun for extremely long period. It will affect the lens clarity during indoor.  

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