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Office Worker


Working in office for long hours may be a challenge for a progressive lens wearer. Especially when most of the working distance requires using the intermediate and near zone of the progressive lens. This will cause visual discomfort, and neck pain due to improper head posture.

Progressive lens wearer, you will benefit from a pair of Office lens if this happens to you:

  1. Neck pain after having to chin up while working on desktop.

  2. Narrow field of view for computer and the area within your desk.

  3. Eye strain after prolong hours of working with progressive lenses.

  4. Back pain due to improper viewing and sitting posture.

So, what is Office Lens? Office lens provide an additional option for Progressive wearer to enhance their vision in office or indoor environment.  Office lens is similar to Progressive lenses where there is various focal power in one lens. However, the power can be customized according to the preferred working distance of 4-meter, 2-meter and 1 meter range. With this customization, office lens wearer can comfortably enjoy a wider field of view in their desire working distance and still keep their near vision clear. Therefore, this will help to reduce unnecessary eye strain, eye fatigue, headache, neck and back pain during prolong hours of work.


  1. Office lens is suitable for progressive wearer that constantly need to work within a range of 4-meter, 2 meter or 1 meter.

  2. Office lens is not meant to be worn while walking or seeing things beyond your preferred working distance ranges. For example, when wearing a 4-meter office lens, anything beyond 4-meter will be blurry.

  3.  It might take 1 to 2 weeks for the eyes to get used to the lens design.

  4. Office lens is not recommended for driving.

There are several renown ophthalmic lens company such as ZEISS and HOYA that offers Office lenses in various distance and customization designs. To find out more kindly click on the lens company logo.

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