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Small Child with Large Glasses


Multiple studies have been conducted regarding the increasing prevalence of Myopia in children. With increasing Myopia, it will affect children’s ability to learn and may lead to detrimental social and developmental issue in adulthood. Therefore, it is crucial to have children’s eye examine at an early age so that we can identify if there is an existence of any eye problems.

To indicate whether your children need an eye exam, check if your children are having this behaviour:

  1. Sitting too close to TV

  2. Difficulty coping with classes and homework at school

  3. Squinting when looking at far or near.

  4. Skipping words or lines when reading.

  5. Head tilt or closing one eyes when focusing.

  6. Unable to determine colours.

Upon proper eye examinations, we would recommend the ideal lenses for your children.

Myopia control ophthalmic lenses has been on the market for some time and it is the only non-invasive method to control myopia.

There are several lenses designs from renown ophthalmic lens company such as ZEISS, HOYA and ESSILOR that aims to slow down the progression of Myopia by inhibiting the stimulation of growth of the eyeball length. Kindly click on the lens company to find out more about the lenses.                     

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