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Our focusing ability at near usually start to deteriorate at the age of 40 years old.

The main sign of needing a progressive lens includes:

  1. Difficulty reading within a hand distance.

  2. Have to move reading material faraway to see clearly.

  3. Have to remove current distance power glasses to see clearer for near.

Progressive lens is the most convenient pair of lenses where it compromises various focal power in one lens to cater your vision need for distance, intermediate and near. However, due to the combination of power, there will be a blending zone at both peripheral vision of the lens causing visual distortion. Therefore, choosing the right multifocal lens design is crucial to ensure comfort of vision, stability of image while moving, and seamless transition between distance, intermediate and near. Our experienced optometrist and optician are able to provide proper recommendation on the lenses that suite you best. Moreover, we have the latest equipment in store that made fully customisation of the lens possible.


  1. Is good to start wearing Progressive lenses when your reading power is still low. This will help to ease your eyes and brain adaption to the mild changes and the lens design. It will be harder and take longer time to adapt once your near power is moderately high.

  2. Allow an adaption period of one to two weeks for yourself to learn how to use your first pair of progressive lenses.

  3. Have your eyes check yearly once you reach 40 as aging and other health complications may affect your overall eye health.

There are several renown ophthalmic lens company such as ZEISS, HOYA and ESSILOR that offers Progressive lenses in various customization designs. To find out more kindly click on the lens company logo.

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