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Driving Service


Driving can be a huge challenge especially on a rainy day or driving in low light conditions. For safety, it is very important to make sure you are wearing the right lenses that can help you to see clearly on the road.

Check if you will benefit from a pair of lenses cater for driving.

  1. You are someone that drives all the time especially on highway.

  2. Struggle to see the sign board or cars ahead while driving during rainy days, twilight or night time.

  3. Experience glaring discomfort from street lights and head lamps from opposite cars.

To reduce the insecurity and stressed for drivers on the road, driving lenses are made to improve clarity, contrast under low light conditions and help to reduce glaring discomfort. In addition, ZEISS Drive Safe Lenses also comes with Luminance Design that take account the pupil size during low light conditions to ensure the lenses helps your vision to remain clear during low light conditions.


  1. Highly recommend for everyday driver. Especially your job involves driving around.

  2. The lens coating is slightly yellowish therefore, wouldn’t recommend if your job involves dealing with colours such as designers, photographers and etc.

  3. For mild cataract patients, this would help to reduce the glare from street lights and head lamps from opposite cars during night driving.

There are several renown ophthalmic lens company such as ZEISS, ESSILOR and HOYA that offers Driving lenses. To find out more kindly click on the lens company logo.

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